Darul Makmur Mosque Gears Up for Ramadan Amidst Upgrading Works

The spirit of Ramadan transcends physical spaces. Even as Darul Makmur Mosque undergoes crucial upgrading works, preparations for the holy month are well underway, ensuring the community can continue their spiritual journey.

While the mosque itself physically will be closed during Ramadan, the dedicated team behind Darul Makmur is actively planning alternative arrangements to facilitate tarawih prayers and other essential aspects of the holy month. These plans include:

Securing alternative venues: Terawih prayers will be conducted at the former North View Secondary School (530 Yishun Ring Road). Gates will open from 8pm and congregants are able to park inside the school compound. There are 50 lots available.

Enhancing online presence: Live streaming of lectures, sermons, and even Al Quran recitations will be done to continue to engage our Yishun Muslim community specifically despite physical distance and public generally.

Maintaining charitable initiatives: The mosque’s renowned Ramadan porridge distribution program in collaboration with partners will continue, reaching out to those in need.

However, these efforts require significant resources, and this is where the #DanaKeJannah campaign comes in. Launched to raise funds for the mosque’s upgrading project, this initiative holds even greater significance in light of the Ramadan preparations.

Your contribution to #DanaKeJannah goes beyond bricks and mortar. It empowers Darul Makmur Mosque to serve the community effectively, not just during Ramadan but for years to come. Here’s how your contribution can make a difference:

Enhanced capacity: The upgraded mosque will accommodate a larger congregation, ensuring inclusivity and fostering a vibrant spiritual hub for generations to come.

Improved facilities: Dedicated prayer spaces, educational facilities, and community areas will cater to the diverse needs of the growing Muslim population.

Sustainable future: The mosque’s commitment to environmental responsibility through green building practices aligns with Islamic values and ensures a sustainable space for future generations.

Beyond the tangible benefits, contributing to #DanaKeJannah signifies your investment in the spiritual well-being of the community. You become part of a collective effort to nurture a space that fosters faith, connection, and growth.

As we approach the holy month of Ramadan, let us embrace the spirit of generosity and compassion. Join us and be a part of Darul Makmur Mosque’s journey towards a brighter future, one that empowers the community and strengthens the bonds of faith.


Visit https://campaigns.darulmakmur.sg/ to contribute towards this noble cause. Let us come together and ensure that the spirit of Ramadan shines brightly, even amidst the ongoing transformation of Darul Makmur Mosque.

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