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The Devil's Advocate: Wastefulness in Breaking Fast

Today, we live in a society where food and drinks have become very accessible. However, in this fasting month, we have to be more mindful than ever of our attitudes towards food and wastage.

Adapted from an article in Malay written by Ustazah Saidatunah Nafisah Mohamed Ibrahim titled “Jangan Jadikan Ramadan Bulan Pembaziran Makanan”.

The month of Ramadan is well known by Muslims as the month of performing acts of worship for the Muslim community (ummah). And so during this time, we can observe many Muslims racing to earn Allah’s rewards (pahala) by doing good deeds.

Somewhere along the way, the month of Ramadan has also become a month of feasting. Thus, we can also observe many Muslims travelling in droves to the Ramadan bazaar, buying all sorts of goodies to break their fast. It doesn’t help that the list of Instagrammable, must-try foods only seems to get longer with every year!

That said, due to hunger and thirst, everything laid out in front of us might seem delicious in the day while we buy food and drinks to break our fast. Once the call to prayer (azan) has resounded and we begin eating, however, we (almost always) end up feeling full quicker than expected.

Which means a lot of food tends to get wasted, daily.

This scenario is prevalent in our community, as well as in other countries that are rich in food and wealth.

At times, even food served in mosques is left unfinished and thrown away. We do not realise that in our pursuit of doing good deeds and earning Allah’s rewards (pahala), we are also doing something that incites His wrath.

The Quran mentioned:

"Indeed, the wasteful are brothers of the devils, and ever has Satan been to his Lord ungrateful."

Among the fruits of fasting in the month of Ramadan are for believers to be able to empathise with difficulties faced by the less fortunate, who live from hand to mouth.

This experience is one that can help us in our journeys toward repentance, correcting ourselves, and continuing to strive and improve ourselves more with each Ramadan.

So the question is, have we only been looking forward to breaking our fast each day in Ramadan? Or have we given our all to offer our best quality of worship?

This Ramadan, let’s change this wasteful trend. Let's begin to adjust the attitudes within ourselves so that we become more prudent in our spending.

Let’s show rahmah towards the environment, as well as ourselves.

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