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3 Things That We Can Glean From the Life of Rasulullah’s Daughter

Adapted from an article in Malay written by USTAZAH SYARIFAH NURJANNAH MOHAMAD ISMAIL titled “Mengambil iktibar dari kehidupan puteri Rasulullah, Fatimah Az-Zahra”.

Rasulullah s.a.w. once said:

“Truly Fatimah is part of my flesh, when something hurts her, it hurts me as well.”

She was the youngest daughter of Rasulullah from his marriage to his first honoured wife, Khadijah Binti Khuwailid. Fatimah was given the moniker “Az-Zahra” (a beauty that shines) because of her brilliant countenance, her piety, and her praise-worthy character.

As the youngest child, she faced a variety of challenges throughout her life. Among them were the deaths of her mother and beloved older sisters.

Here are 3 lessons that we can glean from the life of Rasulullah’s daughter:

1. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

After the death of her mother, Fatimah diligently took on the responsibilities of taking care of the household. She also accompanied her father on his missionaries, and made great effort to carry out the tasks that her mother used to do, such that she was regarded as ‘Ummu Abiha’ (mother to her father).

She was loyal to Rasulullah and stayed by his side throughout the obstacles in his life. She was unwavering in her support for him, even when he was being mocked and ridiculed while preaching in Makkah.

Fatimah was thus the first and last person whom Rasulullah would meet before and after each of his travels. Each time that Rasulullah would meet with her, he would stand, embrace her, and kiss her forehead as a sign of the deep love between them.

2. Appreciate Your Parents. A Small Sacrifice For Them is Nothing.

So noble was Fatimah’s character that Rasulullah’s own companions, such as Abu Bakar r.a. and Umar r.a., asked for her hand in marriage. However, Rasulullah told them that she was too young.

When Ali r.a. asked to marry her, however, Rasulullah accepted his proposal with an open heart. Being a part of Rasulullah’s family meant that Fatimah had to make many sacrifices and compromises in order to fulfil Rasulullah’s wishes.

Rasulullah once refused to enter Fatimah’s house because there were certain ornaments inside it. When she found out why, she immediately made sure that she did not display such ornaments in her house anymore.

3. Be Humble and Faithful, Even If You Are The Prophet’s Princess.

Fatimah did not receive special treatment in this world.

When she was tired from grinding wheat and making bread, taking care of her children, and managing her household to the point that her body became skinny and the skin on her hands were cracked, she tried to ask for a helper that had been given to her father.

However, Rasulullah approached her daughter, and said to her and her husband with love:

“Do you want to know something that is even better than what you ask for? Before you go to bed, recite tahmid 33 times, recite tasbih 33 times, and recite takbir 34 times. These are all better than a helper.”

Since then, Fatimah no longer felt disturbed, and her heart was at peace. This showed how strong her faith and dependency was towards Allah s.w.t.

Rasulullah s.a.w. said:

“Of all the women in heaven, the greatest ones are Khadijah Binti Khuwailid, Fatimah Binti Muhammad, Maryam Binti Imran, and Asiyah Binti Mazahim who was the wife of the Pharaoh.“

Let us look to these women as our role models and inspiration, and be strong believers who are consistent in our acts of devotion, women who are mindful of our words, wives and mothers who are hardworking and steadfast in carrying out our responsibilities, and daughters who shower our parents with the sincerest love.

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