Ustazah Nursyahiirah

Ustazah Nursyahiirah spent 12 years studying at various madrasahs. She later furthered her studies in the Faculty of Human Sciences at the International Islamic University Malaysia, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Islamic Revealed Knowledge (IRK). Ustazah Nursyahiirah is a member of Asatizah Youth Network.

Where Do We Learn Islam in Singapore?

Learn Islam in this digitalisation world

In a world of increasing digitalisation and globalisation, how can we be more discerning on the information and knowledge that we learn and consume? Studies have shown how this is the most interconnected generation yet, with heavy reliance on the open internet for information including Islamic knowledge. Here are a few options on where and how you can learn Islam in Singapore:

1. Consult a credible local religious teacher

Consult certified religious teachers for religious knowledge of Islam

Anyone who is keen to learn religious knowledge should consult credible local asatizah (religious teachers) who are recognised under the Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS).

The Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS) is being accredited by Singapore’s Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB) to ensure that all Asatizah who are teaching is registered under the scheme. They also oversee the conduct of all religious teachers in Singapore.

Certified religious teachers are reliable and important credible sources of Islamic Knowledge as they play a big role in proving sound religious guidance to the community in Singapore. The list of religious teachers who are certified can be found on this link Asatizah Recognition Scheme.

2. Learn at registered Islamic Education Centres and Providers (IECPs)

IECPs provides various Islamic programmes of different interests

There are numbers of Islamic Education Centres and Providers (IECPs) that offer religious classes in different premises which include; mosques, Madrasahs, Education centres, Muslim Community organisations, private spaces and home.

Registered IECPs also provide various programmes and classes that may suit your interest. You can check them out from their websites. Just do ensure that the centres you registered for interesting classes are IECPs registered!

3. Register programmes at the nearest mosques

Nearest mosques provide aLIVE and ADIL Islamic modules

Your nearest mosques also provide various programmes that are suitable for different age groups. You may conveniently register yourself and your family members for the different programmes at the mosque counter. Should you have any queries, feel free to contact them too.

Programmes such as aLIVE are designed to impart engaging lessons for children and youths with interesting modules. The programme is open for children as young as 3 years old!

Adult Islamic Learning modules offer in mosques

For adult Muslim learners, Adult Islamic Learning - ADIL offers thematic modules that you can choose from at your convenience and preference. Topics are designed for adults who wish to learn, revisit and deepen their knowledge on Islam. The next batch of ADIL classes are starting next month! So, don’t miss out and find out more about the classes at ADIL page.

4. Access to religious content online

Online programmes on Islamic knowledge

To discover online content by local Asatizah, there is a platform that you can visit such as the Muslim.Sg’s website. Muslim.Sg is a one-stop online religious platform that seeks to empower our community with up-to-date religious knowledge. From the website, you may find answers to your religious queries through interesting articles and an e-book of the Contemporary Irsyad Series.

MuslimSg is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, where you may find interesting updates and watch interactive videos. One of these video programmes is a series from the Asatizah Youth Network called AYN Speaks, aired on every Thursday, discussing interesting and insightful issues. Don’t forget to follow Muslim.Sg’s page and profile to connect with the members of Asatizah Youth Network!

5. Download the Muslim SG App

Muslim SG App provides different Islamic content

Beyond the website and social media platforms, you may download the MuslimSg application. The app makes it easy for you to search for religious queries. MuslimSG tackles different questions from the tough questions on extremism to the very basic ones.

On another note, the app also provides handy features that allows you to search for the nearest place selling delicious halal food. It can also point you to the nearest mosque, help keep track of prayer times, and keep you updated with Islamic-related news in Singapore. It even has transcripts of friday sermons, in case you might want to take a second look at it. Should you have any religious queries, you may also wish to contact Muis at 6359 1199 or email

Remember to learn from credible sources and avoid misinformation and fake news. Let us all, look for proper guidance in seeking credible and useful knowledge.

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