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Are Calamities a Sign of God’s Wrath?

2018 has seen a spate of natural disasters occurring around the world and within the Asian region, including earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons. These disasters have devastated entire villages and cities, claimed many lives, and transformed entire landscapes.

In the wake of these destructions, some people have begun to speculate about the reasons why God would allow them to happen in the affected countries. Among them are that the people of these areas have committed wrongdoing and sins that have incurred the wrath of Allah s.w.t.

But as human beings, do we have the right to question God’s reasons and make such speculations? The answer is no. As God’s creations and slaves, our sole responsibility is to take these calamities as learning lessons, and remember that whatever He does are as tests for us.

Regarded as the best of humanity, even the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was tested again and again throughout his life. His test began for him even before he was born.

Prophet Muhammad’s father had died while he was still in his mother’s womb. At 6 years old, he suffered another calamity when his mother also passed away, leaving him an orphan.

He was then taken care of by his grandfather. But when the Prophet was 8 years old, his grandfather also passed away, and he came to be under the care of his uncle Abu Talib. Abu Talib was not a wealthy man, and had many children of his own.

Imagine then, if we had accused the Prophet s.a.w. of coming from a bad lineage that had incurred God’s wrath, such as what some people are accusing those affected by calamities now.

The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in his lifetime never taught that the tests handed to us were because of Allah s.w.t.’s wrath towards us. On the contrary, it is clear from the stories of the prophets that the ones tested the most by Allah s.w.t. are the ones who are the most elevated in status by His side in the end, and the most beloved and cared for by Him.

Thus we should not speculate God’s reasons and be quick to accuse and judge others. Instead, may we hold our tongues from speaking badly of others and focus on purifying our hearts. Better yet, may we also extend our hearts, wealth and prayers out to those who need our assistance in these times.

Adapted from Kuliah Tafsir Mufti on 30 Sep 2018

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